Living Your Passion

We have come to believe that we cannot follow our passion and do our regular job at the same time. I was told that my passion, skills, and interests are so far apart from each other that it would be almost impossible to combine them. My passion has always been to uplift the human consciousness through proven scientific methods. And my skills and interests have been in the marketing industry for the last 10 + years. I thought I would have to leave one to pursue the other and it made me very sad.

However, I soon realized that following my passion of educating people actually helps me channel creativity into my marketing projects. And my marketing work connects me to the most inspiring people around the world, who in turn participate in the programs and workshops I teach.

Whether I am teaching a NeuroLeadership program at a corporate setting, or talking about entrepreneurship with teenagers on zoom, or teaching meditation to kids at school, I believe they are the reason why I keep getting better each day in the marketing arena. The reason I excel in other areas of my life is because I learned to fuel my passion first.

 If you read my last post about Secondhand Vision, you will know why it is important to first fuel your own passion before helping somebody else fulfill theirs. Devoting some time to work on your own vision each morning will help you draw energy, creativit, and enthusiasm to help others fulfill their visions.

If this post makes you want to strike a balance between your passion and your regular job, I’d be happy to share more! Send me a message here on LinkedIn.

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