The Spiritual Comfort Zone

I have been practicing the Heartfulness meditation since 2008. In last 7-8 years of practicing Heartfulness, I have understood one thing about myself; and it is the fact that I am constantly living life on the edge. I have learned that like everything else, spirituality also pushes us out of our comfort zone more than we realize it.

I used to believe that doing and learning different things and activities added new experiences to my life and helped build confidence by dragging me out of my comfort zone. While it is all true, I did not think the same about spirituality or my meditation practice until recently.

In July, I posted the story of my dog Maahi and her courageous journey through paralysis. Maahi took us through a very different and unexpected journey of our own. She showed me some very beautiful shades of life, not often seen or felt unless one becomes a part of the picture. She was not only healing from her own sickness but she was also healing me in many ways. Right from the very beginning of her paralysis, I looked at the entire situation as a spiritual experience.

While looking at the ordeal as a spiritual blessing, I also realized that my understanding about life and the people in my life was growing at a fast pace. I went through a gamut of emotions and feelings like hurt, pain, misunderstandings, love, sympathy, empathy, care and support. The most beautiful thing about all these feelings was that I had learned to accept people around me for who they were. I learned to accept their limits. People are not necessarily good or bad because they may or may not be able to empathize with you and your problems. Not being able to dive into your pain and feeling it the way you feel does not make our friends and family lesser human beings. After all, these were not their experiences. This was my life-lesson. It was mine to face and come out stronger on the other side of the situation.

Empathy plays a very significant role in my life. Being deeply empathetic towards everyone and everything is a quality I have been blessed with from the very beginning. And the practice of Heartfulness had helped me to grow this quality even more. Meditation had pushed me out of my comfort zone and had expanded my heart even more. When our heart is expanding spiritually, it is learning to accommodate something new within itself. With every new and powerful life-experience, I find love overflowing from my heart. I see in myself a renewed eagerness to embrace life with this newfound love. In the past, every single time when I overcame a difficult situation with spiritual support, I could actually feel the ongoing process of my spiritual evolution within me. It felt really good to grow, expand, and embrace Love like never before. And the process never stops! Every time, I feel like “this is it; this is the maximum love my heart can give and receive”, I surprise myself by being able to love even more greatly and deeply than before. Love has no limits!

That’s when I realized that we all tend to have a spiritual comfort zone within us and as we proceed in our journey within ourselves, we constantly find ourselves in new arenas where we are challenged, tested, and pushed further out of our comfort zones only to realize that beyond our comfort zone lies another beautiful zone waiting to be conquered and embraced. Love waits for us at every step, just like we wait for Love.




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