How to Write Your First Spiritual Blog?

Few weeks ago I chatted with my friend, sister, and a fellow spiritual seeker from France. She is a budding spiritual blogger and I love to read her blog posts when she shares her thoughts and feelings regarding her spiritual journey. It gives me immense joy to read blogs of people’s spiritual evolution no matter at what stage they are in. However, while chatting, she expressed a concern to me. She worried that people may not want to read her blog or may not like her blog. What then? I could relate to her fear because I felt the same when I started writing my blog.

So often we worry about what other people may think of us without realizing that we may actually be keeping them away from experiencing a valuable lesson or truth through us. Maybe what you have to share is exactly what they are seeking at that moment. I have had so many people write to me letting me know how helpful and timely my posts have been for them. This has reinforced my blogging habit even more. Sharing your spiritual truth through your story only shows your desire and willingness to help others.

Want to try writing your first spiritual blog post? I know many of you would like to share your experiences but do not go ahead with that idea because you get in your own way. I am sharing some pointers that helped me let go of my inhibitions and share my spiritual journey with you all.

1) Meditate Before You Write: Honestly, all my blog posts occur only after I meditate. My ideas come to me when I meditate. I never decide on a particular topic to write my post. The topic just happens to me. I always pray for an idea that is going to be useful for my readers in their day-to-day lives and their daily struggles.

2) Do Not Write With an Agenda: Write because you want to share your truth and help others through your writing. Do not write with an inner motive. Don’t worry about people liking or not liking your blog. Remember, you are writing from your heart and when you write with authenticity, your writing will attract the people with whom your writing resonates. Even if you touch one person through your writing, you will have justified the purpose of your blog. Quality of your readers matters more than quantity of readers.

3) Get a Reality Check on Validation: Validation is good! It is always nice to hear good things about your blog from people. After all, you wrote it to benefit others. However, don’t let it bother you if you don’t hear back from your friends and family right away. When you write with a pure heart, you will automatically have no agenda and you are doing a service to the Universe. You are fulfilling your role in the Divine Plan.

4) Collaboration, Not Competition: When it comes to spirituality and writing about it, we cannot compete with other writers. You are unique and so are your experiences and that is what makes you special. Don’t compare yourself with others. We have all learned different spiritual lessons so we will always have enough topics to write about without competing with each other. Instead, let us encourage and motivate each other. There is a lot of spiritual work to be done on this planet and each one of us is responsible for our own little role in raising the cumulative consciousness of this planet. Collaboration, not competition is the key here. Inspire and be inspired when you write.

5) Make It About Others; Not About You: The best writing often happens when you make it about others. Always ask yourself, how your post is helping another human being. Are you providing them with a tool to overcome their situation? Are you helping them shift their attitude towards positivity? Are you raising their consciousness? Always write with the intention to lift others and not only yourself through your writing. Be of service to another human being through every word you share. Always create conscious content.

6) Write From Experience Only: You can only write the truth when you experience it yourself. I have stressed this point several times in my blog. You cannot write a successful blog from borrowed wisdom. Only you can share your truth. Similarly, you will not find success in sharing somebody else’s truth. Your spiritual story is so much beautiful than anybody else’s. Getting an inspiration from someone is good but telling your own story is great!

7) Do Not Postpone Greatness: Finally, sit down and write when a great idea comes to you. Commit yourself to it and bring it to life. Don’t postpone it for tomorrow. The only thing that we are certain of in life is this particular moment. If you let this moment pass by without taking any action, it may also take your great idea along with it and you may never have access to it again.

8) The Ultimate Secret: Have you ever wondered why people blog? What are they receiving from it? Authentic spiritual writers don’t care about how many likes they receive on their posts or how their blog statistics changes on a day-to-day basis. They go on writing without stopping. Do you know why? They write because they learn so much from their readers. Every new post is a new learning and growing experience for them. When we help others grow by sharing our own truth, we ourselves grow and gain more wisdom. When we gain more wisdom, we get more ideas to write about and this becomes a continuous cycle.

Finally, I would like to say, always write with an attitude of gratitude. Write because you care and you genuinely want to help others to be their best version. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how old you are; we are all storytellers and we all have a story. And a story lived by faith is the most beautiful truth you can share to inspire others. Happy blogging!

~ be love ~



7 thoughts on “How to Write Your First Spiritual Blog?

  1. I found this article a few years later, but it was right on time because I just started my own blog after resisting it for so long. This put me in such a feel-good state, thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy to know you found this article helpful. Congratulations on starting your own blog! Let it flow. It could help someone in the future…just like this article helped you. Sending you love and light. Good luck!

  2. Very true, especially writing after meditation or when the idea comes. There is a flow when one writes in this manner. I find your article helpful. Thank you and God bless.

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